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We make light fixtures specifically for your projects that will enhance the atmosphere of your space. Whether it is a simple play of light and shadow or colored patterns, through movements energized by programming or kinetic pieces, our playing field is vast and will adapt to your needs.

CIRCAL Collection

 Round and various shapes ring pendants 

We can make unique or limited series of ring pendants.  Round, facetted, elliptical or freeform shapes that will suit your project and relate to the architectural environment.  The indirect lighting avoids LED's glare and create a nice and even glow.  Robust steel handmade fabrication.


-Single or cluster arrangements with same or different shapes and diameters.

-Custom opening patterns can be made on outer rings. 

-Different diameters available from 36'' to 84''.  




PEPAKURA Collection

We are developing a collection of light fixtures inspired by japanese

folded paper technique

Theses luminaires have a lightweight look but are handmade from a robust steel construction.


Available as pendant, wall sconces our clustered in a chandelier.  We can model your custom shapes add openings and scale different sizes to create an arrangement. 

We are prototyping and developing our technique to offer a full line of product soon. 

Other creations and projects in development in lighting

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